Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Odoo is an open source comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Accounting and Human Resources. Odoo (Open ERP) has separate client and server components. XML-RPC interfaces are available. It is based on a strong MVC architecture, flexible workflows, a dynamic GUI, an XML-RPC interface, and customizable reporting system with convenient integration.

Odoo At A Glance

Open Source: Odoo (OpenERP) is committed to Open Source Business Model. The software is published under the AGPL license. Complete: Odoo (OpenERP) is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project mgmt., Warehouse mgmt., Manufacturing, Financial management and Human Resources just to name a few. Over 700 Odoo (OpenERP) modules are available on Launchpad Modular: Odoo (OpenERP) unique modular approach allows customers to start with one application and adds other modules later. Customers keep the benefits of integrated software but avoid a “big bangâ€‌ project. Flexible: Odoo (OpenERP) allows you to customize the user interface and manage your business processes in only a few clicks.No Lock-in: The same version of Odoo (OpenERP) can be used either On-site or Online. We are committed to allowing customers choose what is best for them. Affordable: The absence of license fees makes Odoo (OpenERP) very affordable. The complete set of service we provide (Online and On-site) provide great value for customers. We are the only vendor to guarantee migration services for a fixed fee.


  • Logistic
  • Multi-Warehouses
  • Push/Pull Flows
  • Delivery Mgt
  • Document Mgmt.
  • Workflows
  • Integration
  • Services Management
  • Project mgmt.
  • Gantt and Calendars
  • Issues Tracker
  • Contract mgmt.
  • Manufacturing
  • Multi-Level BOMs
  • Flexible Routings
  • JIT, Kanban, MTO
  • Full Traceability
  • Financial Accounting
  • Analytic Accounting
  • Bank Interfaces
  • Multi-Currencies
  • Multi-Charts
  • Validation Workflows
  • 26 Countries supported
  • Dashboards and KPI
  • Consolidation
  • Budgets
  • Marketing
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns
  • E-Mails templates
  • Website Integration
  • Mail Gateway
  • Segmentation and Profiling
  • Template of Report
  • CRM and Sales
  • Leads and Opportunities
  • Quotation and Sales
  • Phone Calls
  • Shared Calendar
  • Revenue Forecasts
  • Outlook Plugin
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • After-Sales Services
  • Human Ressources
  • Timesheets / Attendances
  • Leaves mgmt.
  • Expenses Tracking
  • Periodic Evaluations
  • Recruitment
  • Payroll